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News : precleanse on Better Morning Atlanta

PreCleanse made an appearance on Better Mornings Atlanta in “Embracing Oils” local TV segment. 
Freelance writer Emily Foley describes PreCleanse as a good oil that provides a deep cleanse without drying out your skin.

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precleanse 150ml
Suitable for all skin conditions (especially oily).

A lightweight Olive and Apricot Kernel-based cleansing oil, fortified with Kukui Nut, Borage Seed and Rice Bran oils, that gently liquefies sebum and oil-based debris from the skin's surface. 
The hydrophilic (water-loving) formula enables PreCleanse and oil-based debris to be readily rinsed away without leaving behind any greasy residue. Follow with prescribed Dermalogica Cleanser for a thorough double cleansing. 
Contains no artificial fragrance or color.

Dermalway Wellness : Beauty Tips

A very common habit when it comes to cleansing is to jump directly into your cleansing routine with the deep cleanser, sometimes relying on it to also remove your make-up. How many times have you done that? The purpose of cleansing is not only to remove  make-up and dirt from the surface of the skin but also to deeply clean your pores and also to nourish the deeper layers of your skin. This is why you need 2 cleansers for this job.
Why is double cleansing important?
In a professional facial a beautician always has 2 cleansers, often referred to as a cleanser and a facial wash/ deep cleanser. The first cleanser has the role of removing the oil base dirt from your skin so that the deep cleanser can actually penetrate the skin and properly clean the pores.
There are 2 types of dirt that accumulate on your skin: oil based dirt (such as oxidized sebum and make-up) and water-based dirt (like dust and sweat). Chemistry tells us that water doesn’t mix with oil meaning that you can’t remove oil base dirt with a water based cleanser (like most of the gel or foaming cleansers). What do you need to do then? First remove the oil based dirt with an oil or milk cleanser as oil dissolves oil.
If not properly removed oil dirt can act as a barrier against whatever you put on your skin, thus the deep cleanser won’t be able to penetrate your skin and clean your pores from debris and impurities. That’s why in order to maximize the effect of your deep cleanser, make sure that it can reach your skin by removing the oil barrier.

Dermalway Wellness : Beauty Tips : Exfoliation

First of all, it helps to eliminate the dead cells, dirt and body secretions. 
After exfoliation, your new skin will be revealed, which was earlier hidden beneath this upper layer. 
It not only removes the impurities from your skin, but also get rid of problems like infected ingrown hair, pimples, skin infections, etc. 

Moreover, this also helps reduce wrinkles and increases circulation, which brings vital nutrients to the skin and helps to eliminate body waste while we are massaging it. 
So, all these benefits together help to regenerate the skin.

Exfoliating dead skin cells is important for smooth, radiant, healthy skin. However, exfoliating too much or too aggressively can damage the epidermis, causing inflammation to the skin. 

A good regimen would include two-three times a week for oily skin types and no more than once a week for sensitive, dry skin.

Dermalway Wellness : Beauty Tips : Moisturising

When to Moisturize Your Body ?

Now that you know that moisturizing is essential to healthy looking skin, you may be wondering exactly when you should slather on your favorite product.

 Dermatologists say that the best time to apply a moisturizer is right after leaving the shower or bath. 

When applied immediately after bathing, the product is able to trap some of the water still on your body and use it to hydrate your skin.

Before applying moisturizer, be sure to pat your skin with a towel until it's almost dry instead of rubbing it, as toweling dry vigorously can irritate sensitive skin.

In addition to moisturizing after bathing, 
you should always moisturize after exfoliating or shaving. These practices can be hard on your skin and strip away its protective barrier of natural oils. Applying a moisturizing product to your skin can help replenish that natural barrier until your body is able to regroup. 

Dermalway Wellness : Beauty Tips

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